Is an integrated program for the management of small and meduim - sized companies with high efficiency and ease to achieve higher profitability ratios.

Website Design


It is not just about good-looking design; it is also about a design easily perceived and navigated by users. It is a design that will provide users with a matchless enjoyable surfing experience.

Team i Group keeps up-to-date with all trends to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable web experience for your audience/customers.



Developing and designing mobile apps that become part of people’s lifestyle. Using the cutting- edge technologies, we code native solutions for different purposes.

Delivering high quality apps in less time using pre-setted boilerplates with a little customization to suit your brand identity.

Web Applications

Small programming, great value

Ingenuity and creativity are part of our DNA. We are proud to bring the most advanced value-added programming and solutions to the market and to deliver effective responses to the unique needs of our customers’ a simple processes and applications. Our innovation specialists (Consulting, Programmers and designers) are constantly exploring new methods and processing to make the life easy and better because life is beautiful.


Other services we can do

Design & Layout

Digital Marketing

Google Ads

Social Media Marketing

Marketing Analysis

Content Marketing

Profissional Support

Why customers loves us?

Whether it's a growth dilemma or change management, we help you build your business infrastructure and learn more about your market, competitors, audience, customer relationship and all aspects that influence your ROI.

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